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Relin - EP set for release''love and Rhythm''
03/04/2021 14:32 in Artists
Watch out for the new EP releasing on April 9th ''love and Rhythm'' 
1. *can you tell us about Yourself?
My names are *OGIEVA JOHN UYI*, and I am polularly known as *Relin*,
I am from *Edo state* I was born and brought up in Edo state Nigeria but currently base in *LAGOS*.
I'm 23yrs old, I'm from the family of 5, I have got 3 sister and 1 brother including myself making us two guys.
2: *How did you get your stage name?
*RELIN* Was actually gotten from *"REN-LIN"*, its a brand that produces eye shades *(eye glasses)*.
I loved the name so I rebranded the name and also gave it a meaning, RELIN in my own words means *"True lover"*. 
3: *What first got you into music?
To me I won't say something inspired me into music, I was actually born with music in my mouth and in my heart. Right from a little baby I have been singing songs and creating melodies that I don't even know about, my mom told me wen I was growning up. 
4: *Who inspired you to make music?
The first person that inspired me to create music were *"DESTINY KIDS"*, they were my biggest motivation while growing up. I always loved their songs and I get inspired anytime I start playing or watching their music videos on TV'S. I Wrote my first Song at the age of 8.. It was a gospel song..
5: *how would you describe the music that you create?
My kind of music is an *"AFROFUSION AND RNB"* music, it has more of showcasing the Afrovibes to the world..
6: *what is your creative process like?
Most times its not really easy when creating music, first I will say my inspiration comes from God. And I create my music based on the mood I'm into at the moment, or what I see people go through around me.. Or what my environment is like at that season. 
7: *who would you like to collaborate with?
If I'm giving an opportunity to collaborate with any big and famous artist, it will be BURNA BOY. His sound is something I also admire a lot 
8: *What is one message that you would give to your fans?
To all my fans out there I want to say that expect RELIN coming with that sound you always wanted, and I would like to say thank you too for all your support and love towards RELIN as an household name in the industry.
 9: *how do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?
The truth is the internet has really helped a lot, in old days especially here in Nigeria, promoting your music will cost u  a lot, you have to go to the TV and radio stations for air your songs, you need to pay marketers to market your songs using the analog formula. But with the internet especially social medias, you can be at the comfort of you home and create your music with just a click of a button your song has reached millions of people with a proper promotion.. 
10: *what is your favourite song to perform?
My favourite song to perform as at now is *"WICKED"*, the song is crazy, hot and melodious. One song that will keep you dancing on your feet for so long without you realising it.
11: *what famouse musician do you admire?
I admire DAVIDO. he is very Humble, funny and very friendly too. Hope to meet him someday
12: *what is the best advise you've been given?
This advise was given to me in my high school days in JSS2 By my Business teacher, he said and I quote *"A little Drop of Water, makes a mighty Ocean"
 This quote has really helped me in all ramifications of life, in my academics, financially, spiritual and otherwise. What it means is that what ever you doing keep doing it, no matter how long it will take as long as you don't give up you will become successful someday.
13: *if you could change anything about the industry what would it be?
I think I will create a platform where upcoming artist will be given the opportunity to showcase their talent to the world. Most beautiful talents die just because there is no funds to finance their music vision.
14: *what's next for you?
Just want to tell my fans that my E.P is dropping on the 9th of April, pls I want you all to support my dreams and vision. A win for me is a win for us all..
I'm also working on my next E.P soon even while the first is yet to drop, that is how much passion I've got for the music I do.
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