Jah Warrior on a mission to inspire and motivate
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Jah Warrior 




The name speak for it self jah warrior

Kebba born and raised in the heart of the gambia ,brought up in a society known to everyone as an open minded person who always love to share his views and ideas.

He started his musical career at a very early age due to his love of music.

Jah Warriors music is created by real life experiences and messages.

His mission is to inspire and motivate people around him, Accepting and promoting that everyone is equal.


Jah Warrior recorded his first song call valley of the beast which touch the heart and soul of the people who then began to  recomend and recognise his ability to express the message through music in all aspect of life.




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Jah Warrior has also been recording and colaborating with other well know artists.

An album was released named  2020 Vision, in which artists from Gambia, Nigeria and Ghana contributed a track to help raise awareness for a Charity project of a School rebuild within Gambia.

the track featured Njie B the Conqueror, - "life is not a game''   

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