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Ibo Fyah's musical track record that speaks volumes.
17/03/2021 17:26 in Artists

Ibo Fyah

As a youngster growing up in Crofts Hill,

Clarendon Jamaica, Livian Farquharson was

best known for entertaining the local

residents with his energetic character and

natural love for singing. He was inspired by

great singers growing up such as Sizzla

Kalonji, Garnett Silk, Dennis Brown, Bob

Marley and Beresford Hammond. At age 8,

Farquharson would sing his favorite

Beresford Hammond songs to numerous

requests by people of his community on his

way home after school in the evenings.

This collective encouragement initially

impelled him to start to compose his own

lyrics and melodies. He continued to climb

closer to his musical calling, then at age 13

years; he made his first stage appearance

to great accolades from the people of his community after which his passion deepened to

become a top stage performer. “From I test the stage the first time it just gave me

strength to build songs and do the work.”


He later migrated to Kingston where he recorded and compiled a 13-track demo and

through his distribution process he met and formed a business relationship with his

current manager, Paul Mullings, who recorded the leading track for his debut EP. Ibo Fyah

has since transpired into a modern prolific deliverer of conscious authentic reggae music

with experience performing on several top local shows in 2014. Following his current

promotional campaign, Ibo Fyah hopes to make it to the local main stages such as Reggae

Sumfest and Rebel Salute etc. and to get on the European circuit touring the major

festivals in that region.


The GATEWAY EP is the first of his major professional projects and consists of 6 tracks.

The compilation was produced by various labels such as 12to12 Muzik, FoxxLink Records

and Krush Proof Music. Since the release in mid-2014, Ibo Fyah has received awesome

response and support from the mainstream media locally and regionally. “The six songs

on the EP are some songs that the people dem having a joy wid enuh” said the singer.


“Hungry Days” is the lead single for the EP and although it was written by Ibo Fyah 12 years

ago; the hard hitting conscious single was recorded and released officially on the JamRock

riddim by the 12to12 Muzik label in 2012. The lyrics of the song depict and connect with

the people who are struggling with high food prices within their lively society. This track

became an instant hit on several major radio stations and top sound systems in Jamaica

they also made Ibo Fyah a front-line choice in their play-list. They have embraced his talent

and his music and gave high praises to the conscious reggae singer.

The momentum has propelled Ibo Fyah and his team to released an officail video for this

track and this has received tremendous support ofter it premiered on CVM TV, CVM Plus,

RE TV, TVJ and Hype TV have added 'Hungry Days' video to their rotation.


In 2015 Ibo Fyah performed on various shows in Georgetown Guyana, such as ‘Linden

Extravaganza; ‘Jail Time a Waste Time; and ‘Guyana Fest alongside dancehall star

Popcaan and Danny English, and some Guyanese hometown stars. Ibo Fyah also did a

series of local shows in Jamaica such as "Ocho Rios Seafood Festival; "Old Harbour Fest;

"M.I.A. Award Show; "Denbigh Agricultural Show 2015-16; "Integrations Thursdays at

U.W.I; "Uptown Jamboree; JamLive Music Fest. and many other shows across the island.

He also released an officail music video for a track name "Holding On" in late 2016.

In January 2017 Ibo Fyah released two new singles namely, “Play Reggae Music and “Bright

World. Late February, he launched his mixtape titled “Journey Never Stop” which included

the lead single “Poverty” which has been doing extremely well in the market.

Ibo Fyah continues on his musical journey, he is the embodiment of an authentic recording

artiste, he is versatile, he’s an exceptional performer, and has a musical track record that

speaks volumes.

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