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Babayanks Manjago: Gaining support across Europe
10/03/2021 13:11 in Artists



Babayanks Manjago: Gaining support across Europe 

Babayanks Manjago is an afro/dancehall singer, songwriter, lyricist and a recording/performing artist.

He was born in The Gambia but grew up in Nigeria and started his music career in Nigeria after leaving secondary School In 2014.

He has always been passionate about  creating musical sounds since his  childhood but he never imagined that he would  find himself in a recording studio one day.

Until His friend who is known as Maweezy, happened  to take him to a recording studio,  after which he started working on himself as an artist.

He loves music he is concentrating  more on his lyrics and sounds as he wants to use his talent to help the people around him.

Babayanks has been building a fanbase not only in Nigeria and his motherland of Gambia, but his support and fans have began to grow in Europe and within the UK. 

Babayanks has gained the attention of Radio stations, promoters and djs with the help of social media. 

Babayanks dedicated one of his tracks to his motherland you can listen to it by clicking here 

Dedication and consistancy is what sets Babayanks Manjago ahead of other upcoming Artists, Babayanks is constantly releasing tracks which are available across all digital streaming platforms.

Click here to Listen to the Babayanks Manjago Big Man Thing Album  

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Babayanks also released a video to the track Unknown number click here to listen on spotify

click here to watch on youtube 

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Babayanks also featured on the 2020 vision charity album, with the track Blessed soldier. Alongside various Artists from Gambia, Nigeria and Ghana.

You can watch Babayanks new track Fayaya by clicking here 


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