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08/03/2021 15:57 in Advertising


 Advocates creative secret

The music industry has been hit hard 2020- 2021 has been trying times for many creatives. No matter what sector of music business everyone has faced difficulties.


From events being cancelled to clubs being closed down, recording studios empty. 

However it has been beneficial in some cases by making the creative extra creative. By using and developing our skills and talents we have reached out to help pull others up.


Onevibes radio was launched on 1st of July 2019, with the expectation that 2020 would see us Taking the radio station and artists on a European tour. 

Unfortunatly that just wasnt our destiny during that time. 

Whilst studying Creative radio at college i came up with the idea of creating my own platform to help promote and expose upcoming artists, as its extremely difficult for artists to gain any recognition.

I also studied music business management as well as many other subjects over the years.

Thinking of a way to bring all my skills together to help a range of people whether it be an artist, manager, promoter, micro label Buy me a coffee really helped bring all my skills and ideas in to one place.

I really needed a platform that combines the radio and advertising  with my music business training and creative ideas.

It is so easy to use, and with one simple link it can be added anywhere. It is ideal for social media bio's, To send in emails, to add to blog posts or simply add to your website. Widgits are also straight forward with a copy and paste link

Please accept my invite to try it out for yourself and start turning your time in to money click here for my invitation


The platform allows you to create membership services and Extras. Customers can book in a Video call, sell tickets, art work, buy a digital download or ebook. You can be as creative as you want to be. I highly rate Buy me a coffee just link up with your swipe account to begin earning.

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Advocate music recorded a charity album for the rebuild of a nursery school in Gambia you can listen to the 20202 vision album by clicking here


My goal is to open up my radio station within Gambia, along with a recording studio, events and artist management services. This would enable Upcoming creatives to express their works at lower costs. Please buy me a coffee to see the plan turn in to reality

Please sign up for Advocate membership we have something for everyone. If thats not for you please consiser buying me a coffee if you support my works. Thank you in advance