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Halifa Set to release his first EP Merit
03/03/2021 14:02 in Artists
Halifa set to Release his first EP: Merit 
Halifa aka Muhammed Mbye is Gambian Artist, currently resident in Scotland, UK. 
He was inspired whilst growing up watching different artists perform in front of him he decribes it as amazing.
He was always listening to different types of music. The melodies and messages artists create all appealed to him so from there he developed a strong interest in music. 
 Halifa started music back in 2009 while he was in The Gambia, then he moved to the UK, where he continue juggling music and immigrant life style, which is very difficult as we all know. He over came all obstacles and stedily worked his way back in to music with passion.
 MERIT the EP is set to release on March 12 2021, it is basically a creation about many life stories he has passed through. Halifa explains that Sometimes we have someone whose always there for us, during the dark times, but we will never appreciate them until we lose them and watch someone else benefiting from it, then u start regretting whilst its too late. We need to learn to appreciate the people we have around us specially if they are being good to us.
Halifa Merit ft El Shady is the first single of the EP: beat by OGE beats Mix and Master By singateh Rejoice
Currently their is no video with the EP, yet!  Halifa is featured in collaborations  with different artists from some part of Africa, like Congo, Angola, Nigeria and Cameron. Subscribe to HalifaOfficial Youtube channel here
Originally from The Gambia, West Africa. Halifa is amongst the growing number of youths taking to music to express their creativity by addressing social issues & promoting the cultural diversity of The Smiling Coast using joyful musical expressions which a lot of young people can relate to.
Living in Scotland for over 10 years exposed him to new ways of exploring his creativity which is evident in his upcoming EP Gambia Sama Reew (Gambia My Country). Having previously collaborated with Scottish based African artists such as Skyy Boii Watch video here
etc, Halifa continues to learn new skills, network and pushing his creativity to another level.  
Singing and rapping in Wollof & English gives Halifa a unique edge in Scotland. As one of the few African artists in Scotland, Halifa's sound will not only appeal to the SeneGambian community but the wider Scottish & world music in general.
You can follow Halifa on social media
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