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Zeo Zeonardo
23/11/2019 18:38 in Artists

Zeo Zeonardo



We introduce to you Rising UK Rapper and Grime Artist Zeo Zeonardo



Wolverine 3 - An Oriental twist meets UK grime with strong,hard hitting lyrics . - Advocate

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Artist Bio

In an ever growing scene where MCs can be found almost anywhere, individuality and authenticity have always been important to Zeo from day one. Growing up in Wolverhampton, he learnt very early to craft a voice and style that was uniquely his and get his name known in the Midlands rap and grime scene.

As well as supporting U.S artist Hopsin on his savageville U.K tour with Token, Zeo has worked with some established artist and producers such as JME (BBK), DJ Q (TQD), Bassboy and TRC to name a few. These tracks have been played on local and national radio stations and featured on several blogs, such as SBTV, GRM Daily and RWD mag. With strong support from BBC Introducing, Zeo has witnessed his fan base grow and become more diverse around the UK and Europe.
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