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Young Rob, Bringing attention to the remarkable beauty of our brown skinned women
01/10/2021 12:19 in Artists





Young Rob is a sucker for the highly melanated on the new single 'Brown skin girls'

The bounce is finally back and with it a new feel good single from the London based Ghanaian artist, Young Rob of 'Yenko' fame. 'Brown skin girls' is available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide here: Autumn is well on course and Young Rob has the right fit for it's many faithful. 

He conveniently enlists producer, Heaven boy to prime the perfect canvas for his glossy vocals. 

Just like his previous single 'I need your love', the crooner deploys his sweet side once more in an ode to brown skin girls worldwide, as he charms with words.


''I wanted to bring attention once again to the remarkable beauty of our brown skinned women. There's a backward and bad stereotype tagged to our well pigmented sisters, labeling them as difficult, dramatic and at times ugly. This song is my way of letting Them know we adore them and live for their love''.

Young Rob's sweet talk, coupled with the uplifting feel of 'Brown skin girls' make it one for the airwaves and playlists. 




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