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Advocates Fascinating journey on a quest of self discovery.
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We all know that the Advocate CEO of onevibes radio has not been so active lately when it comes to broadcasting shows, which has caused some discussion if she will ever return with the same passion and energy as she had before.



Advocates background began with studying law and youth justice, followed on by working and studying in the healthcare field.

All Whilst setting up her own music business, the vision was to create a radio station as she saw the difficulties artists and managers faced with receiving airplay and promotion.







Advocate walked away from her previous career to explore her dream and passion for music, whist studying creative radio as well as music business management she began to gain a following across social media by creating shows for upcoming artists and broadcasting live on radio and social media. Between 2018/ 2019 Advocate was playing 4 shows a week across 3 stations in Scotland, England and Miami



Advocates  passion still grew for the creation of a radio station which came to be established in 2019 with her husband known as DJ charlybax. 

The station onevibes radio the one you are reading this article on now was established on 1st july 2019, Advocates shows included artist interviews as well as upcoming artist shows and featured different styles of music from across the globe. 





The dreaded years that we will refrain from mentioning came forcing the music industry in to critical situation. 


During this period Advocate connected with her intution and what she feels is more a soul purpose, using the knowledge and skills learnt through studies and experience throughout life she began to create courses and challenges to help motivate, enlighten and boost peoples well being. Life coaching, hynotherapy sessions and a passion for music became a new project within itself. 




Advocate began recording music and hypnotherapy sessions and combining them. After trialing them on individuals and having wonderful feedback the next step came to upload the tracks to streaming platforms. Advocate is currently working on a course called ''Let your soul glow'' with this there will be an activity book available on amazon with further course material available on lightwork.institute. This course is expected to really help individuals wellbeing and mental health.


Advocate plans to return to the radio with a chat show which will include hypnotherapy new age and ambient music. 

For interviews or to be apart of the new show contact the Advocate direct advocateplugged@gmail.com 

 Onevibes radio was set up for people to express themselves and join hands, thats why Advocate is reaching out to bring a new audience to her shows, so many more can enjoy onevibes. 


check out the lightwork.institute website here 


Sign up for a course or challenge click here 


Follow Advocate on Spotify click here 


Amazon books click here 


Advocates Special thanks to

CharlyBax for having faith in everything i do.

FadaMo for the constant belief and encouragement from day one. 

Cecilia for the encouragement and support.

Durtyboy for the support and belief.

Ashayaz for interviewing me on your show at Sunoh Scotland.

Thank you to everyone who supports, streams, shares i appreciate you. 

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