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Make Money KB BLAK
22/08/2021 15:57 in Artists
KB BLAK is set to release a new track on October 15 the track is titled ''MAKE MONEY''
Whilst fans anticipated a new release from KB BLAK he was working in the studio with award winning Ghanian producer Streetbeatz.
We caught up with KB BLAK to ask him about this project, this is what he had to say;
Love and money are the two things that probably pre-occupy people more than anything else.
Everyone aspires to finding that perfect relationship and everyone desperately wants to have enough money to get by.
In reality everyone want more than just enough’’-they want real wealth.
The lyrics to these song tells you lots about the role money plays in people’s lives And the fact that the song (make money) shows how feelings towards money have shifted as society and wealth have changed, for the love of money/People will steal from their mother, for the love of money,people will rob their own brother 
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